Making Data Your Most Valued Asset

Gain Hindsight, Insight & Foresight for Business-critical Decision-making

We strive to enable businesses & data teams to uncover their most valuable asset – Data

Gain Competitive Advantage

Get actionable insights you need by leveraging on big data technologies to become a more agile organization and gain competitive advantage

Improve Cost Savings

Improve your cost savings by effectively implementing data-driven initiatives that will optimize business capabilities and outcomes

Optimize Business Operations

Leverage on advanced analytics to improve business operations, productivity and efficiency that aligns with your business needs and customer demands

Build Internal Talent Pools

Develop the right expertise for your big data & data engineering team to operate and sustain your data business and platform

Speed Up Decision Making

Make Smart, Fast and Forward-Looking Decisions based on advanced analytics that helps you stay competitive

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Free your organization from Vendor Lock-in by embracing open source solutions that will ensure continued growth and IT agility

Why us

AET helps bring the power of Big Data
into your organization


Assess your organization data architectures and identify data problems that can be improved through introduction of Big Data ecosystem and practices


Design and develop Big Data architecture and processes to fit with your organizational business needs


Design and develop data collection systems and Data Driven applications to enhance your data gathering processes, provide higher value data analysis, and simply data consumption

Our Clients

We work for the best

Technology Expertise

Professional Services

Data Strategy Roadmap Development

Master Data Management Consulting & Design

Dashboard or Report Data Modeling Consulting & Design

Streaming Data Preparation Pipeline Development

System Analytics Consulting

Cybersecurity Consulting

API Endpoint Development

Data Platform Deployment

Batch Data Ingestion Pipeline Development

Streaming Data Ingestion Pipeline Development

Batch Data Preparation Pipeline Development

Data Platform Design


With AE Data Visualization, easily uncover actionable insights and transform massive data sets into well-informed decisions

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AE Data Workflow provides a platform for scheduling and monitoring workflows which is useful in architecting and orchestrating complex data pipelines.

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Provide services that boosts data discovery and access within your organization

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Who We Are

AET by ABYRES is a data engineering company that strives to enable businesses and data teams to uncover their most valuable asset – DATA.

Our goal is to be the most trusted data consultants in converting raw data into business value while embodying Open Source principles of collaboration and openness.


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